Quiz Show

Time running out.
– – Time’s running out, Otto.
– – I’m thinking… I’m thinking…
– – It’s three letters, Otto.
– – I’ve almost got it… How much time?
– – 23 seconds left, Otto… It’s a three-letter word.
– – I know… Three letters…
– – Right… What’s a three-letter word for a supreme being?
– – I know it’s three letters, and it’s a supreme being.
– – 3 seconds, Otto.
– – I’m thinking… I’m really thinking…

No more time.
– – That’s it, Otto.
– – Oh, damn… If you gave me just a little more time…
– – Three letters Otto, for a supreme being?
– – I think I could’ve come up with it in another 23 seconds.
– – Sorry, Otto… There’s no prize money for you.
– – Me, too… I mean, I’m sorry… What was the answer?
– – The answer, Otto, for this round of the 3-LETTER QUESTION…
– – Three letters for a supreme being, right?
– – Right… The answer, Otto, is a dog.
– – Damn… I almost had it…

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