Uncle Ed’s Last Words

Uncle Ed, on the bed; the extended family around.
– A family member: Uncle Ed, do you have any last words for us?
– Uncle Ed: Last words?
– A family member: Sorry… I don’t want to push it.
– Uncle Ed: Oh, I get it… Last words… All I can say, seeing the family around, is how much you all meant to me.
– Another family member: Uncle Ed, that means so much to us all.
– Uncle Ed: I’ll miss you all.
– Two family members, together: We’ll miss you, Uncle Ed.
– Another member: Is there anything else, Uncle Ed?
– Uncle Ed: Wait a minute… Is Otto here?
– Otto: I’m here, Uncle Ed.
– Uncle Ed: Well … I guess I can say it now… I’m actually not going to miss Otto that much…

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