“Love And The Milgram Experiment”: Netflix Announces Spin-Offs Of “Love Is Blind” and “The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On”

Following the successes of Netflix’s hit original series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On and Love is Blind, returning hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey will introduce America to a new line up of spin-off “Social Experiments” that put love under the microscope.

  1. Love and Clashing Conspiracy Theories

From Birthers to people who insist that the moon landing was an elaborate hoax filmed on a soundstage in Hollywood, this show examines whether it is possible to overcome differing conspiracy theories and fall head over heels in love! Will Pizza Gate theorists stop checking for updates from Q long enough to be struck by the beauty of a Holocaust denier in the California sunset? Will a scrap-booker from Knoxville, Tennessee who insists that Princess Diana was murdered by the British M16 arouse the vulnerable side of an apostle for The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? Is true love the acceptance of one another’s theories in intricate and implausible detail? Can love withstand facts? Note: This show discusses politics and is for mature audiences only. 

  1. Love, Unmedicated

After signing extensive liability agreements, contestants fire their psychologists, ceremonially toss their psychotropics into a golden wastebasket, and enter the pods without the benefit of the medications they have taken for a range of issues, from anxiety and mood disorders to psychosis and mania. Sharing elaborate dinners during peak withdrawal, contestants assess whether they are worthy of love or if they deserve to die alone because they are, as they always suspected, worthless, simpering, weirdos whom everyone knows the world would be better off without. Strap in for the shocking discovery of a bottle of Ativan, a steamy CBD-oil massage,  and chilling regressions.

  1. Self-Love

18 contestants are given a copy of The Artist’s Way. Will they embark on meaningful “artist dates” or will they spend the entire time whacking off in their hotel rooms? Tensions mount when bidets are installed.

  1. Love in The Struggling Middle Class

This show takes place in glamorous (and expensive!) New York City. What these contestants lack in dental and vision benefits, they make up for in drama! A full time lawyer, freelance graphic artist, elementary school special education teacher, and architect pool together over one-third of their take-home salaries and rent a two-and-a-half-bedroom apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Will they manage to take a bite of the Big Apple on salaries just short of six figures? Will they marry before the next rent check is due? Or, will the roomies carve their names into their ice cream, raise the volume on competing podcasts, and continue to throw Saran Wrap in the recycling bin? Just when things seem like they can’t get any worse (spoiler: one contestant insists they need Showtime), a hot trust fund baby crashes for an indefinite visit and–spoiler alert– doesn’t even bring a host gift.

  1. Love is Drunk

In separate pods, the contestants take a shot of tequila everytime someone cries, talks about working out, touches the wall, or laughs for no real reason. Once they are properly drunk, couples are goaded to vow to love and cherish one another until death or their first miscommunication. The finale is a tense gathering with family at a Thanksgiving dinner during an election year. Previews promise brawls, weepy pronouncements of love, slurred proposals, and failure to take responsibility for one’s actions.

  1. Interspecies Love

Can love transcend taxonomy? Contestants include a construction worker from Rockford, Illinois, a single mom from Ocean City, Maryland, a sales rep from Juniper, Florida, a Grey Dwarf hamster, an Alpine goat, and a bevy of sexy mammals and smokin’ amphibians. Get ready for a love triangle between a Greek Orthodox accountant from Boulder City, Nevada, a Welsh Pony, and a bearded dragon that puts interspecies love to the test. Oh, and the hamster dies.

  1. Love is Uncool

While hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey are visibly exhausted, this show is sure to keep viewers on their toes! When a group of fashion and culturally-forward hipsters are paired with fit and sexy singles and sent to a romantic get-away in Belize, they are set up for a rude awakening. Secretly styled by guest editor Alexa Chung and coached by cultural ambassadors kidnapped from an NFT auction at Christie’s, the paramours are, in reality, hopelessly passé! Love is put to the ultimate test when, having returned to cohabitate in hometown Chicago, a lover arrives at a party in skinny jeans and a side-part. Will true love transcend an overenthusiasm for avocado toast or will the use of the laugh-cry emoji and the erecting of wall art from Target derail deep, emotional connection? There’s only one way to find out…

  1. Love and The Milgram Experiment

Culminating in an exciting congressional ethics investigation, this show was inspired by the 1963 Milgram Experiment at Yale University. While Stanely Milgram set out to investigate the conflict between obedience and personal conscience following the atrocities of the Holocaust, Nick and Vanessa Lachey test the bonds of newlyweds against morality and integrity. 

Newlyweds are instructed on the use of an electric shock generator with a row of switches marked from a small shock of 15 volts to a dangerous level of shock to 375 volts to a potentially fatal dose of 450 volts to use of another couple, whom they are told are also newlyweds (but are actually actors), every time they answer a question about each other incorrectly. Instructed to deliver increasing levels of shock to the couple in the other pod, the newlyweds can hear the other couple pretending to cry out in pain behind the wall. When a newlywed refuses to deliver a shock, Nick and Vanessa Lachey step into the pod to accuse them of gaslighting their partner.

While there are civil lawsuits pending, be on the lookout for Love on Opposite Ends of The Maslow Pyramid in the fall of 2023!

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