Calling In For The Score

Charlie, calling in; Cheryl, at the Little League game with Kim, aged three…
– – So, how’s it going?
– – Is that you, Charlie?… Wait a minute. Let me move over a little… There, I can hear you better.
– – Am I coming in okay?
– – Yes… I can hear you.
– – So, how’s it going?
– – Not so good, Charlie…
– – You’re at Carl’s game, right?
– – Kim and I are both here… But it’s awfully bright, so I had to give Kim my hat so the brim would shield her.
– – She’s okay?
– – The hat’s way too big. She can hardly see at all… Anyway, she doesn’t know much about baseball…

Charlie, showing more interest; Cheryl, monitoring Kim and the game…
– – So, how’s it look?
– – Not good… First Kim complained about it being too bright. Then she complained about not seeing anything… Now she’s starting to complain because I’m running out of Gummy Bears and Juice Boxes.
– – Do you want me to talk to her?
– – No… No, that’d only make her want you to bring more Gummy Bears or Juice Boxes.
– – All right… But how’s the game?
– – I told you I’m having a little trouble with her, and without my hat it’s hard to see.
– – So, what’s the score?
– – The score?… Oh, yeah, Carl’s team’s behind by 17 runs.
– – 17 runs?
– – No… Make that 18. The other team just scored another.
– – What?
– – An error in the field.
– – But 18 runs…
– – Look, Charlie, it’s not that bad… Carl’s team hasn’t even come up to bat yet…

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