Innocent Questions

A question, while outside the bathroom door.
– – Charlie, may I ask you a question?
– – What?
– – I mean, you don’t mind if I ask you while you’re dental flossing your teeth?
– – Ask away…
– – Okay… Do you like me more as a brunette, or should I try being blonde for the summer?
– – Let me finish flossing.

After flossing.
– – You’re done, right?
– – Okay…
– – But you’re not done answering my question.
– – No, I said I’m okay with either way.
– – Charlie, it’s one or the other.
– – But, if I say I like the way you are now, and then we go to the beach with the kids, and you see – let’s say – Felice or Dena blonde, you might get upset with me.
– – Of course, I’d get upset.
– – But… If you go blonde now and don’t like it… You’ll say I made you go blonde.
– – Of course, I’d say that… And I should.

A question, while in the bedroom.
– – So… I’m not sure I should answer
– – Come on, Charlie.
– – Don’t you see… I could be wrong, and I don’t want you to hold it against me.
– – Okay… That’s fair… I even think I understand.
– – I’m glad you see it that way.
– – May I ask you another question, Charlie?
– – Ask away…
– – When we go to the beach, do you think I’d look better in the red bathing suit, or the black one?…

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