The 25 Stages Of Writing Comedy, As Chronicled In A Bedside Notebook

1. Think of something funny.

2. Ducks

3. Ducks have been done already. Ducks have been done to death.

4. Bats. Bats are hysterical.

5. If cows make milk… (which they do)

6. What if bats made margarine–plausible?

7. It’s plausible if the bats are GMO.

8. How hard would it be to knock over a Blockbuster?

9. They’re out of business, so, easy.

10. Microscopic infrastructure of bat mammary glands + Results of the 2022 Gingerton margarine sculpture competition.

11. Could use vacant Blockbusters as bat hibernacula.

12. Bat hibernaculum sign: Margarine in progress…

13. Batty Yam-Yams.

14. That’s the brand name. It would crush Becel. Imperial, look out!

15. Can you drink pancake batter through a straw?

16. Pencil floss nearby…

17. Liver enzymes?

18. Get a kitten. Call it Ramekin. If naughty then “Nut Bowl”  

19. Five minutes ago this was funny. Now, it’s not. How to fix?

20. Get Patricia Routledge to narrate.

21. She’d never go for it.

22. I want to hide in a desk drawer and wrap myself in elastic bands

23. Will you be my marzipan tennis ball? 

24. The 2022 Gingerton margarine sculpture competition has been CANCELLED

25. Due to a rabies outbreak.

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