Ralph And Sybil Retain Counsel

Ralph’s and Sybil’s divorce was almost finalized. The marriage had come to a crashing end. Each retained counsel. And so we come to the final negotiation between his counsel and hers…
– Ralph’s lawyer: Well… Now we’re pretty close.
– Sybil’s lawyer: Okay… She gets the house, the car, the money in the joint bank account after expenses…
– Ralph’s lawyer: Agreed… He pays your fee as well.
– Sybil’s lawyer: We’re almost there… Now Ralph gets the dog.
– Ralph’s lawyer: The dog’s a terrier, and it bit Ralph a half dozen times.
– Sybil’s lawyer: Agreed… And he also gets the bicycle and the wicker rocking chair with the busted seat…

When it was over, Sybil thanked her lawyer for handling matters with ‘that disappointment of an ex-husband’, as she put it. Ralph discussed the agreement with his lawyer…
– Ralph: That chair you got me is about as bad as the dog.
– Ralph’s lawyer: Agreed… But it’s something… I think you can fix it, and the bicycle, too.
– Ralph: Do you mind me asking, Mr. Turner, what kind of a lawyer gets not much more than a chair and a bicycle?
– Ralph’s lawyer: I understand, Ralph… I’m a good lawyer, if I say so myself.
– Ralph: Well… What kind of lawyer did Sybil have?
– Ralph’s lawyer: Sybil’s lawyer, huh?… Now that was really some kind of lawyer, wasn’t she…

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