Just Like Period Crunch, Every Cereal Was Created To Destigmatize Something

In our male-dominated society, women’s bodies are still a huge mystery. Not because there’s no information, but because they’re just easier not to think about.

But recently, a Swedish company called Intima rolled out Period Crunch: a breakfast cereal created to help women feel better talking about periods in a culture where we prefer to pretend they don’t happen because they make men uncomfortable.

The cereal is in the shape of a uterus (that’s the female reproductive organ) and tastes like raspberries (that’s how a uterus tastes). It also turns milk the color of “last day of the cycle,” which I think is just a coincidence.

It might seem a little silly to use breakfast food to normalize a major issue. But believe it or not, Period Crunch isn’t the only cereal with a social agenda attached to it. As a matter of fact, every popular cereal was created to destigmatize an otherwise uncomfortable topic, in an effort to help families become more open-minded to the world around them.

Take, for example…

Rice Krispies
With three adorable men in fun little outfits standing front and center of every box of Rice Krispies, this cereal was produced to help normalize the conversation around polyamory.

Our world is filled with couples, and there’s a lot of shame attached to branching out of that two-person norm. Rice Krispies aims to get families talking about the normalcy of “adding a third,” or perhaps “having a third to begin with.”

And if you hold the bowl up close enough to your ear, you’ll hear the sounds of three progessive men having an open, honest, and healthy relationship.

Reeses Puffs
This one is either about destigmatizing interracial marriage or eating candy for breakfast. Or both.

Fruity Pebbles
Before Fruity Pebbles were introduced to the breakfast table, nobody would have accepted a food that leaves a thick coating of wax in your mouth for hours afterwards. 

But once this delicious Flintstones-themed cereal hit the grocery store shelves, the world extended a welcoming hand to its side effects graciously – and started becoming more open-minded to other products with chemical after-tastes such as Baco’s, Diet Coke, and those beef-jerky-cheddar-cheese snack combinations from gas stations that were never refrigerated for some reason.

Cocoa Pebbles
They did the same thing as Fruity Pebbles but for people who prefer chocolate, or Barney Rubble.

Frosted Mini Wheats
When divorce is on the table, so is Frosted Mini Wheats. These double-sided wheat-and-frosting nuggets were originally invented to help 50% of all children understand the multifaceted layers of their parents’ failing marriage.

Through this cereal, kids were supposed to learn that they needed the whole wheat shreds to fill up, and the icing to enjoy doing it. While one side is a lot of fun, the other side makes you brush your teeth every day and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

But you need both to live a well-balanced childhood. 

Hey, divorce isn’t so bad as long as it wasn’t your fault.


If Period Crunch was designed to destigmatize periods, Chex was designed to destigmatize premature ejaculation because that’s exactly what it becomes when you add milk.

Boo Berry
There’s a huge divide in our country between those living and those who no longer occupy a physical body.

Boo Berry cereal was created in 1972, with a ghost as its mascot to bridge the gap between the two groups. Though there’s still plenty of work to be done, a lot has happened in the ghost community since the launch of this cereal – including a live-action Casper movie, the hit show Ghost Hunters on the Discovery channel, and a thing people on dating apps do all the time.

Fruit Loops
Because of its colorful appearance and suggestive name, many would guess that this cereal was designed to open the conversation about the gay community.

However, Fruit Loops were actually created to help normalize buying an unhealthy product as long as it has the word “fruit” in its name.

In a world full of fruit snacks, fruit cocktail, Juicy Fruit, and this thing called “fruit leather” that organic-loving parents used to give their kids in the ’90s – it looks like it worked!

Honey Smacks
Now THESE were created to open the conversation about the gay community, with that hip lesbian frog on the box and everything.

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