How To Determine If Your Boyfriend Who Kicks Puppies Is The One

It’s a tough time to be a woman. But whether you’re down in the dumps about your crush hooking up with someone else or you’re feeling the feels about losing control over your own uterus, there’s a self-help book for you to weather the storm of your womanly tears.

How to Determine if Your Boyfriend Who Kicks Puppies Is the One

Is your guy, who has blue eyes you could drown in and sometimes kicks puppies, marriage material? Does he send you flowers out of the blue or just on Valentine’s Day, and did the dog growl or just whimper? Here’s how to figure out whether your guy is Mr. Right — or Mr. Right Now.

How to Rebuild Your Life After Only Getting Two Likes on That Instagram Pic

Painful experiences make you stronger — even stronger than Kelsey from middle school who has somehow achieved low-key influencer status, even though she used to pick her nose and eat it. 

After devastation like this, it’s difficult to know how to pick up the pieces. Fortunately, these step-by-step instructions will help. 

Finding the Perfect Spot to Cry at Work

Let your tears flow on company time! It’s not easy being a woman in a man’s world. But whether your boyfriend dumped you or the vending machine ate your dollar, there’s a perfect place to soil your reputation with your tears just around the corner.

100 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer Friend About the Legalities of Stalking Your Ex

“So, checking his Facebook twice a day is okay, right? What about cloning his account?” These probing questions will ensure that you’re “technically” not crossing any lines. This is why your friend is still paying off student loans for law school, after all.

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