The Apiarist With Blurred Vision

Beekeeping has an honored tradition. While it is not necessarily the sport of Kings, some princes have been interested in beekeeping, among them the Prince of Denmark. Unfortunately, for Hamlet, a limiting factor was his visual problem. So, we go to Denmark, to a beehive, to Prince Hamlet, and to his friend, Horatio…

– – How goes it, Your Highness?
– – These bees are something… I wish
I could see them better… Is that you, Horatio?
– – Perhaps someday people will be able to see better… Maybe they’ll come up with something.
– – There’s got to be more things in heaven and earth than we’ve got right now, Horatio.
– – Point well taken.
– – This vision thing’s getting so bad, I couldn’t tell who was Rosencrantz and who was Guildenstern when I bumped into them the other day.
– – Those guys are something, aren’t they… They think it’s fun to come up behind someone and bump him.
– – Say… Could you help me here, Horatio?
– – How so, Your Majesty?
– – You see those two little things flying there?… Now, there, over near you?…
– – Yes, Your Highness?
– – Are they two bees, or not two bees?…


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