At The Beach, First Thing In The Morning

Sun up.
– – There’s nothing like being on vacation for a week.
– – You’re back already?… How was the beach?
– – The water was great, and the tide was coming in… I really enjoy an early morning swim.
– – Shows you’re really on vacation, huh, Cheryl…
– – You and the kids ought to try it with me tomorrow, Charlie.
– – It’s vacation… I’m not sure we can get up as early as you.
– – You mean, you can’t get up that early, right?… You’re all missing something, if you don’t come tomorrow.
– – Believe me, it was pleasant sleeping in… The air here’s great.
– – Okay… But if you don’t come tomorrow, you might miss the chance of seeing a college guy trying to pick me up…

Pick up.
– – What?
– – Oh… Did I forgot to mention that a college guy tried to pick me up when I was drying off?
– – What suit were you in?
– – The black one, Charlie.
– – The bikini?
– – Charlie, I was just drying off… You know how guys can be… It was some college kid, blonde hair, great tan…
– – What?
– – My word exactly when he tried to pick me up…

– – Wait a minute, Cheryl… It’s our first day on vacation, and already this has happened?
– – What, Charlie?
– – What you’re telling me about.
– – Look… I told him I was flattered, but I advised him to stick to the college kids.
– – That was it?
– – Of course not, he was a guy, Charlie.
– – So?
– – So, I told him about you, and the kids, and the dog.
– – He got the idea, huh?
– – Of course not, he was a college kid… And he mentioned that they don’t allow dogs on the beach…

– – Maybe I should’ve come to the beach?
– – Charlie, I handled it…
– – Imagine if he’d see me coming down the beach.
– – Charlie, you have no tan, and you have that baggy bathing suit… I handled it.
– – What’d you say?
– – I said he’s a guy, and he’d better learn now… When a woman says she’s flattered, it means no way…

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