About Sybil

– – Sorry I couldn’t talk to you before. I was on the phone with my cousin, Sybil… We haven’t spoken in a long time.
– – Isn’t she the one who goes out with the dry cleaner?
– – Went out with him… His name was Al.
– – Isn’t it something how they turn clothes around in 24 hours… Of course, they crush a number of buttons… How is she?
– – Sybil?… Like the rest of us, I guess… She’s still working on things.
– – She’s no longer with Al, huh?
– – They went out for over four years… And in all that time, when she and Al went away – for a vacation, or a break – it was always to a dry cleaning convention.
– – How about that…
– – She did go to Omaha once with him.
– – So, what happened?
– – Now she’s with Ed. He’s a psychologist… They’ve been together a couple of years.
– – So, how’s that going?
– – They did go to a convention of psychologists in San Diego. Sybil said San Diego was nice… But after going to a few more conventions with the psychologists, she wishes she were back with the dry cleaners…

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