The Ocean

– – Are you enjoying yourself, Charlie?
– – It’s really good… I love being at the beach.
– – Me too.
– – But how’d you get the kids to come here, Cheryl?… Usually they want to stay around that crummy pool at the inn.
– – You hate that pool, don’t you?
– – Well… When we’re so close to the beach and the ocean for the week, I can’t see sitting around the pool. But the kids usually like it more… And look at them in the water there. They’re in and out constantly.
– – It wasn’t that hard to get them to come.
– – How do you mean?… I’ve got to hand it to you that you convinced them to come here.
– – Oh… I didn’t actually convince them that the beach was better…
– – No,?
– – Well, better in a way, I suppose… I just told them them that if we went to the beach they could pee in the ocean all they wanted…

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