What Is This Song Stuck In My Head?

I’m driving myself crazy. There’s a song stuck in my head and I can’t put my finger on what it is. It’s such a good one, too. I feel like it’s a classic. Or at least famous. Let me think of what else I can remember about it. That will help.

It goes like this: ba dum dum nuh nuh wawaaooow. That’s either the guitar solo in the middle or the melody or the lyrics or the guitar solo towards the end. There’s also the iconic part that everyone recognizes: The weee weee uuhhnka uuhhnka booo-aw. That may be when the famous na na na ni ni ni na starts, if I’m not mixing it up with the hoo hoo hee hi hi ooh later on. Nothing? I’m doing it to a T.

We should start with narrowing down who it’s by. Then finding the song will be easy. It’s got to be a well-known artist. Like Eric Clapton, Ariana Grande, or Yo-Yo Ma. Someone in that vein.

I’m trying to recall where I last heard it. I’m almost certain it was in a movie I recently saw. Unless it was in a TV show. Or a commercial. It’s definitely from something, though—now I simply need to go through every piece of media I’ve consumed over the past several months. 

Let’s play some songs and see if it’s any of those. I just hope that doesn’t cause a new tune to get stuck in my head, making us lose this one completely. Yeah, on second thought, it’s not worth the risk. Plus, I’m a little concerned that I won’t actually know it when I hear it.

Oh, I’ve got another part! Following the weee weee uuhhnka uuhhnka booo-aw, there’s a chick chick chick duh ni ni duh. A few times. So it’s: weee weee uuhhnka uuhhnka booo-aw, chick chick chick duh ni ni duh, chick chick chick duh ni ni duh, chick chick chick duh ni ni duh. God, how can we still not figure this out? That’s, like, exactly how it sounds. 

Is it possible that the reason we can’t place this song is because I’ve only now conceived of it? Don’t masterpieces simply come to people sometimes? Maybe I’ll give writing it up a shot if we can’t figure out the answer after a few more minutes. I feel like I’ve heard somewhere that ‘Satisfaction’ came to Keith Richards in a dream—or something like that. I can’t remember.

Wait, I’ve got it! Nevermind. It’s gone again.


  1. Was doing a 3-week trip up PCH and my sidekick was continually humming like that. Eventually I’d tune in and ask her. She only remembered those crazy do da dahs. Hysterical!


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