At Mel’s Soft-Serve Ice Cream

The Universe.
The Universe is mainly empty space. Atoms are mainly empty space. The protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei are mainly empty space…

Mel Spellman.
It was Ralph’s first day. Mel, the owner, explained…
– – You have your cone, and your soft ice cream machine.
– – Got it.
– – The cone has lots of air in it… Let’s see if you can keep as much air inside the ice cream.
– – How do you mean?
– – Watch, Ralph… I want to keep the ice cream from the dispenser just on the rim of the cone… Now I’ll work it up slowly, just a thin rim of soft-serve.

– – You know, Mr. Spellman, the Universe is mainly empty space…
– – What?
– – The Universe…
– – I heard you, Ralph… But we’re not talking about the Universe here… We’re talking about something a little more important…

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