Before the start of the Little League game Coach Zeno gathered his players together. This was the time for a pep talk and, also, to reveal that game’s lineup – who’d be first baseman, who’d be second baseman, who’d hit cleanup, all things like that…
– – Okay, so it’ll be Ralph behind the plate and Fred pitching… I guess that’s about it… Are there any questions?
– – I have a question about pitching, Coach.
– – We don’t have much time… But go ahead.
– – If I pitch the ball, first it has to go half the distance to the batter, right?
– – I’m sorry, Otto… The game’s about to start… What was that again?
– – If I’m pitching, first the ball has to go half the distance to the plate… Then in the remaining distance, it has to go half of that, and then another half of the remaining…
– – Right… So?
– – So, how does the ball ever get there?
– – Exactly, Otto… And that’s exactly the reason you’re not pitching and Fred is…

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