Is Your Boyfriend A Venture Capitalist Or A Venturing Capitalist?

Is your boyfriend rich and obsessed with startups or rich and obsessed with Mount Everest? Take this quiz to find out.

1. For your last vacation, your boyfriend suggested: 

A. Hanging out with some tech bros in SF who have this cool new idea for an app that detects when you have a hangover and injects Gatorade directly into your veins. 
B. Hanging out with descendants of the Donner Party.

2. According to your boyfriend, crypto will:

A. Make a comeback. Tomorrow. It’s a sure thing.
B. Be replaced by the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, so we gotta get on that. He booked you two a flight for tomorrow. Don’t worry, he embedded a GPS tracking device in your skin when you were sleeping — you won’t disappear mysteriously 🙂

3. You just got engaged. Congratulations! But first, your boyfriend made you:

A. Pledge to give up Amazon for life. Instead, there’s this up-and-coming underground marketplace called Nile that everyone’s going to be talking about. 
B. Sign a prenup reimbursing him for any former or future excursions to Scotland, including any and all Loch Ness monster taming lessons.

4. Your boyfriend has stock in:

A. This brand new startup called the Power of Three, named after Charmed (the original, duh), that arms ordinary people with supernatural powers, only they have to find their long-lost third sibling first.
B. An actual leprechaun that he found while trekking across the rainbow.

5. When he’s retired, your boyfriend plans to:

A. Do exactly what he does now because that will be in about 2.5 years when he turns 39.
B. Live a life of leisure while depending on his house-elves in Antarctica. 

Answer key: 

Mostly A’s: You’re dating a venture capitalist! Congratulations — you’ll be rich forever as long as your boyfriend doesn’t invest all his money in the Power of Three and Nile.

Mostly B’s: You’re dating a venturing capitalist! Congratulations — you’ll be rich forever as long as your boyfriend doesn’t invest all his money in traveling to space and back.

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