After Life

Sam Borfman had not been a particularly religious person, nor had he given much thought to matters such as an afterlife. As the owner, with his brothers, of Borfman Brothers Floor Covering, he had devoted the majority of his time and thought to rugs, tiles, and other kinds of floor covering. A sudden coronary event at the end of an ordinary workday without many sales, and that was it for him… Yet, it was not all over. Sam found himself reincarnated into an ant. And there he was, trudging up a small mound of pebbles, with a number of other ants, a number of disgruntled ants…
– – You know, I was a lawyer… I can’t believe I’m an ant now.
– – I had plenty of lawyers working for me when I was a corporate head… I can’t believe I’m an ant either.
– – You know, I didn’t ever think that as a priest I’d end up reincarnated into an ant.
– – Well, I guess that’s one way to look at it… But my name’s Sam… And this actually’s pretty much the same as the floor covering business…

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