Agent 32

Agent 32 entered the tightly-guarded Office of the Chief, sometimes referred to as the Inner Sanctum. Only the most high-level and delicate conversations occurred there…
– – Agent 32…
– – Yes, Sir… Or should I say, Chief?
– – Both are good… Both are very good… But enough of that. We’ve got to get down to business.
– – It involves me, Sir?… Or, Chief?
– – Yes it does… Let me ask you… Do you know what I’m holding here?
– – I don’t like the look of that… Looks like some kind of skin lesion, something like a discolored skin tag…
– – Very good, 32… It’s supposed to look like a skin lesion… Actually, embedded in the artificial lesion is a chip containing the hidden missile launch sites for Europe and Central Asia…
– – Amazing… In that mole there?
– – That mole, as you refer to it, Agent 32, is something you are to put on your nose.
– – My nose?…

The plan was well-considered, if not old school also. All manner of communications could be monitored, yet who would think of looking at an obvious skin lesion, in plain sight? The Chief, who hatched the plan, had even complemented himself…
– – Not bad, if I say so myself… What do you think, 32?
– – So I’m to have a mole on my nose, but it’s actually a device containing a chip.
– – Exactly… And people will feel sorry for you, or look away… Who would ever suspect?
– – I see…
– – Your contact will be a nurse.
– – An attractive nurse?… That would make this really good.
– – No, 32… The attractive nurses are with Agents 7 and 63… But enough of that. You will go with the old nurse to a clinic where the mole will be removed, or at least the chip will be extracted.
– – How so?
– – With an extracting device… We figured out how to extract the chip with no problem… But the bonding material to your nose, now that’s another matter…

It seemed that all was in order, even if Agent 32 was unsure whether he would have all of his nose after a successful mission. But…
– – What if I’m found out, Chief?
– – What?
– – What if they’re on to me?… What if they get me and try to torture me?
– – Right… I forgot about that… I forgot to mention that… Here, let me show you something… Here it is…
– – What’s that? It looks like another skin lesion.
– – Exactly… Except this mole contains a deadly poison which, when ingested, leads to death in 15 seconds… Put it on someplace you can reach easily and quickly, such as your neck… There’s a crummier bonding agent for this one… Now get going.
– – May I ask a question, Chief?
– – What?
– – I kind of forget whether you were holding the deadly poison in your right hand or in your left, Sir.
– – What?…
– – They look so similar… I forget which was in the right or left.
– – Right or left?… Dammit, 32, now you’ve gotten me forgetting which is which…

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