Arm Wrestling

It was Thursday night at AL’S BAR, Arm Wrestling Night. Arm wrestling brought in more people and more money. So there was Ralph, grimacing, red-faced, veins popping from his neck, his right arm straining more and more. He was 2 inches away from victory. Then 4 inches. Then 2 again. And each time he was about 2 inches away, more money was bet on Ralph. Quite suddenly Ralph was pinned, and it was all over. After a few beers, Frank brought up the match…
– – I thought you had it, Ralph.
– – Me, too. You can’t believe how hard I prepared. My right arm’s shot.
– – I lost about $15. Jerry lost $20.
– – I was just a couple of inches away.
– – I never saw your face so red… And then, somehow, Sylvia just pinned you.
– – I don’t know how she did it.
– – Do you think she was waiting for the money to build up?
– – Maybe. Still, I thought I might take her… Especially since she’s left-handed…

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