Public Service Announcement

Service Announcement:
The pelvic floor is not really
a floor; it’s more like a sling or a

hammock. It’s important to describe
the body accurately, using specificity in

It’s important to know “pudendum,” usually referring
to a woman’s external genitals, comes from the Latin
pudenda “that whereof one ought to feel shame.”

The saleslady in the lingerie section of a department store
tells my friend, “You will love this ____. It will make your belly
disappear.” My friend replies, “Why would I want a part of my
body to disappear?”

It’s important to know, especially in orgasm and childbirth, that the
jaw and the pelvis are connected.

No, idiot, she’s not turned on. Every author before writing a sex
scene, every attorney before arguing a rape case, needs to
understand *nonconcordance, the relationship between the genitals
and the brain; and the difference between a physiological response
and an emotional experience.

In labor, it’s important to keep your jaw relaxed and open because
the pelvis is connected to the jaw. It helps labor if a woman feels
safe and is in a state of openness, not receiving but letting go.

**My friend Heather Smith summed it all up: how young
women are urged to “never stop picturing their murder.”

You can choose to ignore these facts, but it
doesn’t mean they’re not true. Let’s encourage
everyone to know basic anatomy and
physiology. September is Sexual
Health Awareness Month.

Thank you for

*Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life.

**Rebecca Solnit in One Voice in a Great Chorus: An Interview with Rebecca Solnit, June 15, 2020, Meredith Maran, Los Angeles Review of Books
“My friend Heather Smith summed it all up: how young women are urged to ‘never stop picturing their murder.’ What does that do to us, to live in a world where a lot of people would like to humiliate, brutalize, maybe maim or murder us, especially since the burden of preventing it largely falls on us?”

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