Great-Uncle Fred’s 97th

Insects, like people, have variable life spans. Some insects live for a while. Other insects, such as the mayfly, live for only one day. The mayfly’s lifespan is so short that the mayfly doesn’t even eat, and so it has no mouthparts. This last bit of information – about the lack of mouthparts – is something that Otto brought up in conversation…
– – Francine, you really don’t have to talk that much to Fred..
– – I understand, Otto… I know that he doesn’t talk that much anyway.
– – It’s not just talk. He doesn’t do that much of anything anyway… Still, everyone in the family will be attending his 97th birthday party.
– – Your family, Otto. Why don’t you go and represent the two of us? I’m not wild about your Cousin Julie and her family, and I hardly know your Great-Uncle.
– – Look, he made it to 97. At least he might make it. It’d be nice if we both went.
– – I suppose… It’s only one day.
– – Right. You know, Francine, some things like the mayfly live a whole life in one day.
– – The mayfly, huh?… That’s some life, if you can call it a life…
– – They don’t even eat, so they’ve got no mouthparts…

So they went to Fred’s 97th. Relatives were there, including those who had married into the family, such as Francine. And so Francine bent to speak to the ‘birthday boy’…
– – I’m Francine. How do you like your chair, Great-Uncle Fred?
– – This’s Francine, Fred.
– – I’m Francine…
– – Huh? This damn hearing aid.
– – Great-Uncle Fred, can you hear me? I’ll speak a little louder.
– – What? I can hear you a little better, Julie. Just speak up.
– – Just a little louder, Julie.
– – Huh?

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