The Lecturer

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Sometimes when
In front of my class,
I look out the window,
Yet continue talking
As though I’m staring
At my students.

“. . . and to comprehend
The symbolism, in addition to
The novel’s functioning
As an allegory . . .”
“. . . the profundity
That the author achieves
From this juxtaposition . . .”
“. . . and not only will you need
To understand
The extended metaphor,
But the metaphors
Within that metaphor . . .”

Sometimes a student
Raises his hand;
I allow myself
To entertain the chance,
That it might be an actual
But it’s always:
“Can I use the bathroom?”

I’ve all but
Any disappointment
Or frustration
That such a question
Formerly would elicit;
I may still experience
A tinge
Of those feelings;
But as the student glides
Out of the room
To roam the halls,
Smoke in the bathroom,
Or actually
Use the bathroom,
I again turn toward
The window:
“And in addition to being
Able to recognize
Examples of
Pathos and ethos,
You need to identify
Any instances of
Anaphora as well . . .”

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