The Hygienist

It occurred at the intersection of the law, politics, and dentistry. Fred awoke at 3 AM suddenly, agitatedly. Francine awoke, because she was next to Fred…
– – I can’t believe it. Is that you, Francine?
– – Are you okay, Fred? You must’ve had a nightmare, or something.
– – It wasn’t something. It was a nightmare. I was in the dentist’s office, in the chair…
– – When are you supposed to see Dr. Greenblatt?
– – This was much worse than that. Dr. Greenblatt wasn’t the dentist. The dentist was Clarence Thomas.
– – My God, that’s awful.
– – I was in the chair, my mouth was open…
– – But, Fred, the dental hygienists do most of the work.
– – That’s the problem… Ginni Thomas was the one working on me…

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