The Men

After a bad loss, the Coach decided it was time to use motivational psychology. He would instill confidence in his players. So before the next game, Coach Fromberg gathered the Little Leaguers together…

– – Men, we’re going to be a different team from now on. We’re going to be a more confident team.
– – What’d you mean, Coach?
– – Well, confidence means… How can I put it other than confident, Louie?
– – No, I meant why do you call us ‘men’?
– – When you say ‘men’, does that include Freddie, Coach Fromberg?
– – Look, two weeks ago when I said, ‘Guys, this is a big game,’ we lost 27-0.
– – I remember that one.
– – Was it okay if I cried, Coach? It was only for about 15 minutes.
– – They’ll be no more crying, men, and that includes you, Otto. We’re not guys, and we’re not fellas either. When I said last game, ‘Fellas, we’re going to win this one,’ we lost 25-0.
– – I remember that game, too, Coach Fromberg.
– – Al, and all of you, we’re men, and we’re confident. Get it, men and confident…

Sure enough, it worked. The men took the field and showed immediate improvement. They lost only 19-0 this time…

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