Let’s Do The Flowchart Again

She tells us we will “Flowchart it a bit,” 
And I can only wonder, in my coffee-addled haze, 
What that’s going to look like. 
I hope it will be exciting. 
I picture us being swept up in the eddies of our conversation, 
Even those trying to conduct it in the chat (as if they can’t be seen), 
Our poorly framed Zoom faces startled into the whirlpool 
Before we are whisked downstream, 
Before we hurtle down fast-moving rapids, 
Leaving thoughts and suggestions and data points as we go, 
Letting tangents split off from tangents, 
Charting and flowing and flowing and charting 
In the coruscating waters 
Under the moonlight of collective production 
And collective scrutiny. 

She tells us we will “Flowchart it a bit,” 
And this is what I imagine, from her verbing of the word. 
But I know I’m expecting too much, 
Because I remember how exciting our “PowerPointing” wasn’t. 

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