– – Is this Rita?
– – This’s Rita.
– – Rita Grozlin?
– – Well, I suppose you could say that. Who’s this?
– – This’s the hospital calling.
– – The hospital?
– – I’m a nurse at the hospital. My name’s Sheila.
– – So?
– – So, I wanted to tell you that Mel survived the operation
– – What?
– – He made it through. I wanted to give you the good news so far.
– – What’s so good about that?

The Electronic Health Record contains information on the patient. In the case under discussion, the patient was Mel Grozlin, and the person to notify was listed as his spouse, Rita. It had been in the record, unaffected by Mel and Rita’s separation.

– – I just wanted to give you the good news so far.
– – Listen, I don’t know how you got this number, but I haven’t seen Mel in… How long has it been? That reminds me. How long has it been since that welcher’s last payment?
– – I just wanted to let you know how things stand so far. He’s on a ventilator. He survived the surgery, but his prognosis is still grave
– – Did you say grave?
– – Correct.
– – Oh. So there’s possibly some good news?…

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