Managing Louie

It was a fight between Bonecrusher Rocco and Lefty Louie. Rocco was formidable – massive head, massive neck, massive arms. And those were Rocco’s small parts. The Bonecrusher sneered in his corner, as did his corner men. Before the referee called him to the center of the ring for pre-fight instructions, Louie fidgeted in his corner with his manager, Al, and cut man, Stan.

– Louie, the ref’s going to instruct you. Things like follow the rules, break when he says break, no low punches.
– That’s my best punch.
– Louie, you’ve got to stop that punch. Don’t you agree, Stan?
– Louie, Al’s right. And try not to get cut too much.
– Anything else, Al?
– Louie, the ref’s going to finish his instructions, then he’ll add, ‘Let the better man win.’
– What?
– Exactly. Don’t pay attention to that. Stan thinks you’ve still got a chance.

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