ode to grammar

one unable to write with proper grammar
is one who lacks decorum,
and a sense of purpose;
for if one is unable to follow a set of arbitrary manmade rules,
how can they survive in the ordered reality
that our species has created?
its sad, really.

i believe budding writers choose poetry because of their
inadequate grasp of grammatical concepts;
they use freeform
as a means to justify the inherent “genius”
behind using a semicolon to separate dependent clauses.

“your stupid,” i want to tell them,
“if you think anyone will embrace a foolish poet like you!
poetry is not merely an expression of thoughts
in an abstract fashion;
there must be rules,
Adequate Capitalization.

so leave, fools.
quit reading and writing poetry;
for an art without grammar’s delicious order
is an art without the fundamental attribute of humanity
that our species has labored so long to develop.

So I pleadingly beseech you, please.
For the sake of our species.
And for the betterment of humanity;
Have proper grammer

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