– You seem pretty engrossed, Charlie.
– What?
– I said you seem pretty interested in what you’re reading.
– I guess so. I’m reading about cannibalism, Cheryl.
– What?
– Cannibalism. You know, eating…
– Of course, I know what cannibalism is.
– Actually, I’m reading about sexual cannibalism.
– What?
– Sexual…
– I know what sexual is, too, Charlie.

– I started reading about this with Carl. About arachnids and insects.
– So that’s what you and a 10-year-old have been up to at night?
– It came up as we read about arachnids and insects.
– Sexual cannibalism, huh? You’re not into this because it’s Saturday night, and the kids are sleeping over at my mother’s?
– No kidding? How about me completely forgetting it’s Saturday? I was so into the arachnids, you understand.
– You mean how the female eats the male?
– It’s part of their mating – spiders, daddy long legs…
– You and Carl have been reading a lot about that, have you?

Day after day.
– You know, Cheryl, whenever you see a spider walking around, it’s a male spider.
– Really?
– Right. The male spider is out looking for a mate. The female stays put.
– Just a guy walking about and a female waiting?
– You’ve got it.
– So, day after day, the male arachnids are after the females?
– And it goes for some insects, too.
– So, day after day, the males are after them?
– That’s it.
– Constantly after them, and on Saturday nights, too? I mean, who can really blame the female arachnids and some of the unfortunate insects for sexual cannibalism?… Can you, Charlie?

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