Really Interested

Cheryl and Charlie were in the bedroom. The children were asleep…
“Cheryl, did you know that a termite queen lays 30,000 eggs per day?”
“Right, 30,000 per day. That’s 10,950,000 per year.”
“This isn’t your way of saying you want another kid, is it, Charlie?”
“No, I was just reading about termites with Carl before he went to bed.”
“It’s good you read with him. But saying this wouldn’t be your way of trying to get really interested with me tonight, would it?”

Cheryl knew Charlie. She might not know male termites, but she knew males in general…
“Well, now that you mention it…”
“You and your termite queens.”
“They can live for 20 years, you know.”
“How many babies is that over a lifetime?”
“About a quarter billion.”
“Let me put it this way, Charlie. I’m awfully tired. But if you want to get really interested with a termite queen tonight, I’m not going to stand in your way…”

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