Thrones And Upholstery

– That’s quite a thing you’ve got there, Max.
– It’s called the throne.
– I know it’s called the throne. But look at the size of it.
– It’s the biggest one yet, Bert.

Max was the throne maker, and Bert, the upholsterer. It was the Middle Ages and the Age of Kings. The new King wanted a throne, but not just a throne.

– I’ve got to hand it to you, I’ve never seen such a big throne.
– I’ve never made such a big one, Bert.
– It’s big, all right. There’s got to be a word for that.
– I know there’s a word, but it escapes me. The new King’s short.
– I noticed that when I measured him, Max. So, as an upholsterer, I made a massive cushion.
– That’s the word I was looking for.

The coronation would come. All eyes would look up to the King. Actually, they would start by looking up and up to his throne, then to his purple cushion, and then to heaven.

– As long as there’re kings, you’ve got it made, Max.
– It’s a living. And think of it. What would the world do without kings?
– I think throne makers are a little deeper than upholsterers. You know, when it comes to thinking.
– Maybe, Bert. But it’s not bad being an upholsterer, either.
– You think so, Max?
– I know so. No matter how high the throne, I’ve never seen a king yet that didn’t sit on his ass.

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