Airbnb Reviews Of Middle School Girls’ Houses Post-Sleepover

Samantha’s 4 BR, 3 Bathroom Suburban Home

So, I do want to preface that I had a temper tantrum before arriving because my mom made me wear a coat. Anyway, my mom picked me up from Samantha’s slumber party for her 10th birthday. And needless to say there was a LOT left to be desired. The accommodations were subpar as all of the ping pong table balls were missing and worst of all, the host’s older brother kept coming downstairs to tease us. I do NOT recommend you come to this slumber party if you can’t handle the heat from a 12-year-old boy high on Mountain Dew! 

Lisa’s 5 BR, 4 Bathroom Expansive Ranch

Readers, say goodbye to your family because this home has everything you ever wanted as an 8-year-old girl. Where do I begin? They had their fridge STOCKED with ice cream. And not the generic stuff your mom buys because they say “it’s the same thing but a dollar cheaper.” And we had GOURMET pepperoni pizza from Domino’s! Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit because this rental has a huge swimming pool once you get past all the leaves in them and also a great surrounding space where you can skin your knee. 

Mary’s 2 BR, 2 Bathroom Modern Townhome

Light sleepers beware! Don’t bother using the alarm clock on your phone that only has Candy Crush and one hour of screen time per day because you’re NOT sleeping. The WHOLE night, these girls were giggling and gossiping about boys and cyberbullying people who we aren’t friends with. And although I support all of that, I had to scream at them to be quiet which ruined the whole vibe of the sleepover! I almost called my mom who is friends with a police officer to make a noise complaint. The expected noise levels were nowhere to be mentioned in the laminated 20-page handbook when I walked in. I WON’T be returning for the last day of school sleepover party! 

Kaitlyn’s Grandparents’ 3 BR, 2 Bathroom Beachside Condo

I took a risk booking this rental when I scored an invite to go on a weeklong vacation with Kaitlyn’s family to visit her grandparents in Florida, and it was just alright. While the decor of the condo was outdated and the unwelcoming furniture was completely covered in thick plastic, the rental was clean, aside from a slight, yet permanent old people smell. The host and hostess claimed to be experts on the area, however the restaurant they ended up recommending was Ruby Tuesday’s 4pm dinner special. Host and hostess hovered a bit too much for my liking during my stay, like when me and Kaitlyn were up swapping secrets about which TikToker we wanted to be when we grow up on the pull-out bed and then Kaitlyn’s grandma came out and said we were being too loud even though it was only 8:30pm. Kind hosts, but could benefit from providing other snacks besides salt water taffy. 

Lizzie’s 3 BR, 1 Bathroom Quaint Cottage

DO! NOT! BOOK! THIS! RENTAL! Actual sleepover did not line up with the sleepover description provided by the host’s mom! Lizzie’s mom told my mom that she would be supervising the entire sleepover, but Lizzie’s mom ended up having to “take care of some business” at Buffalo Wild Wings, so Lizzie’s older sister Jess got to watch us! Which was super cool and stuff since she let us watch a scary movie! I was enjoying my stay and listening to Jess talk about stuff she does with boys in cars until it was bedtime. While Lizzie’s full bed sleeps two, she bailed on me in the middle of the night to go sleep with her sister. I was so scared from the movie I had to wake Mrs. Bell up to have her call my mom to come and get me. Not worth the hassle or the embarrassment! 

Carly’s 2 BR, 1 Bathroom Cozy Apartment 

Not the sleepover experience I was expecting, but overall pleasantly surprised! Carly’s mom’s boyfriend Tom moved in recently and he was super duper nice to make up for the fact that he’s not her dad. He even let us paint his nails and give him a makeover! Subtracting one star because of the lack of access to HBO Max and the awkwardness of hearing Carly’s mom and Tom fighting in the kitchen about Tom not paying rent.

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