New And Old

by Kate Dunbar

“Hi there.”

“What? Oh, good morning, you startled me, sir”

“I wanted to say I’m sorry for all the dust and
hammering over these past few months”

“It could not be helped I suppose, but verily I am
glad it has ceased. I have had very few guests
recently, the dust and chaos were off-putting”

“I can imagine that would be. Still, I’m very pleased
with the results. I’ve been called a work of
modern architectural art by the New York Times”

“Really? Although I concede you are modern I
feel your sharp angles and many windows are
a mite crass”

“Although I could never be as blunt to a lady, I find
your overly generous curves to be a bit vulgar”

“I see we must agree to disagree sir”

“I heartily concur lady”

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