Bathtub Football

I’m sitting in the bathtub
thinking that I never want
another human being
to ever see me naked again
I’m distressed that my body
is caught up in a game 
similar to football
Team Gravity is 
definitely winning
The score right now is
Gravity 21- Perk Up 3
Certain body parts
are being fumbled 
Locked in a struggle
at the scrimmage line
My stomach is competing 
with my breasts for the 
position of Center
Men used to admire my eyes
until a failed pass hit hard
creating deep dark circles
Wrinkles are like field yard lines
running up and down my face
Former soft shiny hair
resembles tough Astro turf
Chubby thighs are rubbing together 
about to start a victory bonfire
for the Gravity team
My image is like a Hail Mary pass
A risky long shot everyday
But, and this is a BIG but 
(Not the one in my end zone)
A perfect field goal is my smile 
And that still can’t be beat!

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