We’d love to hear from you! We’re looking for funny, creative pieces from writers like you.

If you’re interested in writing for Little Old Lady Comedy, please email us at Paste your submission into the body of the email, and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. We’re Mary and Ginny (if you’re wondering how to address the email). Please include your Twitter handle, if you have one.

If your piece is timely and needs to be run within a week please write “TIMELY” and the title of the piece in the email header. We try our best, but we can’t promise that we’ll get back to you within a few days. We won’t be offended if you find a place that can publish it sooner, just let us know if you need to retract! Please reserve the ‘TIMELY” header for pieces that you really believe will be out-of-date within a week.

If you want to attach your own picture to run with the piece, please do, but we can also attach one of our own. It can be a picture of you making acting out something that happens in the piece, or an inanimate object, whatever you want. We cannot accept any previously published pieces, including personal blogs.

Please only send one submission at a time. Once we get back to you, you can send along another. Also, please send new submissions in a new email thread — it makes it much easier for us to see your wonderful writing!

P.S. We are humans and make mistakes, so if you ever submit something and don’t hear back within 2 weeks or so, feel free to ping us again!

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