Exclusive Interview with Lauren: The Strong Female Lead In That Applebee’s Commercial You’re Watching


Hi. I’m Lauren. I’m the strong female lead in that Applebee’s commercial you’re watching.


The cute blonde one? With the apron? Yeah! That’s me!


I know. I know. You can’t see my face or anything, but you should know that I delivered that food to the table without a smile.


Ballsy, right?


The whole process was actually really empowering.


Those ribs I served?  They were super saucy and hot. Just like me.


Well… because… they were me.


From me.




Those were my actual ribs.






I cut em out and put em right on the plate!




Because I’m not a derivative of man !!! No rib of Adam’s!!!


I’m my own frikken person!!!


I’m a strong female lead!!!


Yes that was a biblical reference. A reclamation of the trope if you will.


You won’t?



You want a side of fries with that closed-mindedness?


No, the fries are not from my body.

Not everything is about my body!!!!! God!!!!! What is wrong with society!?!

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