Blonde Midwestern Mezzo Soprano Theater Grad To Take Over NYC

Photo by lehandross on

When asked about making a livelihood as an actor in the Big Apple, Casey Coleman replies enthusiastically, “I’ll just show them how I’m different!” Casey, a recent grad of Ohio University’s BFA Acting program wags her finger at the bitterness in the acting industry. “What’s there to be bitter about?” Casey challenges the industry. “There’s theater everywhere! Literally dancers on the subway! How much more art could there possibly be in one city?” Casey says her favorite classical play is Romeo and Juliet and while she doesn’t watch much television or film, she loves The Big Bang Theory.

“I just don’t understand why everyone thinks this is so hard! Just show up to an audition and do your best! And absolutely always: Be Yourself,” she says with a smile and a playful shrug reminiscent of Kaley Cuoco herself. When asked if Casey has a headshot, she smiles coyly. “I don’t really do headshots. I present a Look Book instead.”

Casey also believes in meeting people at the right time and place. “Sometimes I just walk slowly through Union Square Park in hopes of being spotted like Jennifer Lawrence was. It’s what made her whole career. I’m always camera ready,” she winks.

When not working as a dog walker or a barista at her local coffee shop in Bay Ridge that absolutely no one goes into, you can find Casey making dream boards about her future and curating her streetwear outfits in hopes of finding her next big break just like J.Law.

When asked about her future, Casey becomes thoughtful and wistfully replies, “I’m thinking about signing up for an improv class, but I’m not sure where yet…I’ve heard UCB is good and I really want to be on SNL.”

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