Things I’ve Said While Playing Animal Crossing That Also Work In The Bedroom

“Open your gates, let me in!” 

“Your cranny is cute!”

“I’ll be happy when I can grow a bush.” 

“Have a cherry. Hell, take three!” 

“I show my fossils to Blathers daily.”

“I’m going down!”

“Just hammer it.” 

“Look, you can watch me pee!”

“Give me a higher Happy Home Academy rating already!!!” 

“We could play, or I could stalk your dreams.”

“I need more hard wood to make this happen.” 

“Get ready for fireworks Sunday at 7 p.m.” 

“Pop the balloon and you’ll get a present!” 

“How long can you hold your breath?” 

“I dug the hole, now you put the seed in.” 

“Tell Isabel to get rid of Megan.” 

“Meet my GODZILLA!” 

“I can take my clothes off with my magic wand.” 

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