Horton Gets A Vaccine

On the eighth day of January, in the year ‘21,
God knows what of COVID, with little to no fun,
He was in his backyard … masked, distanced and alone,
When Horton the elephant heard a ring from his phone.

So Horton stopped moving. He looked towards the sound.
He hadn’t spoken in awhile, he realized, with nobody around.
So he pulled down his mask, “Hello? This is he..”
Then he got the best news, to make even an elephant, weak at the knees.

Horton, the caller said, an elephant of your size?
You’re at high risk for the virus but that should be no surprise!
We call you with great news; it’s the end of the road,
And after this is through, you won’t have to stay at home!
For guess what Horton? You can get the vaccine!
The vaccine? Horton was confused, is it strong enough for me?
He knew it worked on people, but elephants? It could not be.

Horton don’t worry, a vaccine’s a vaccine no matter how small!
A vaccine is a vaccine no matter how small?
Horton wondered to himself, is that really all?
Then he dropped his phone in shock, and screamed, “Fuck yes I’m Free!”
A tear shed from his eye and he smiled with glee.
Just a few shots then freedom? Horton was clearly more than down,
He was an elephant after all, surely not a clown.
So he held back his tears though he wanted to yell
The call had finally come to end what felt like endless hell!

Horton collected himself and headed straight inside,
First thing was an itinerary, he needed to decide,
Horton had places to go and people to see,
He always had been a party elephant at heart — oh, he could not wait to be free!
Then an outfit was next because he could not forget,
To post pictures on his accounts while the needle was still wet.
And he already knew what the caption would be,
Of course, a new fact he had learned about this vaccine
“A vaccine is a vaccine no matter how small”

And me? If I could, I’d want to get them all!

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