A Letter From Management On Black History Month

by Daisy Hobbs

Good day, employees (Especially Keisha in accounting!),

In light of Black History Month, [insert performative major company] is looking to celebrate our Black customers, clients and our one Black employee, Keisha!

In honor of this important month, we want to hear what Black History means to YOU, Keisha! Please write us a 500 word essay in full MLA format and correct spacing. Make sure you send off to a proofreader because we WILL be checking for grammatical errors.

When you’re done, please complete this mandatory quick survey on the importance of Black History Month and its historical significance for our Country, that would be great. It will only take 2 hours and would mean a lot to us!

Oh, and we got your email from last March. Unfortunately, we won’t be hiring any more people of color, acknowledging your many achievements or paying you your actual worth, but if you could upload a TikTok video telling us about the “black experience” in under 1 minute, that’d be great!

Show us how YOU will be celebrating Black History Month this year so WE can share it on OUR social channels! Be sure to tag us so everyone sees our care for the Black community!

We can’t wait to exploit you ALL month long!!

Upper Management

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