Yelp Reviews Of The Bar In Billy Joel’s Piano Man

Paul (Century 21 Nassau County Top Realtor)
** (Two Stars)
Most nights this place sounds like a carnival and smells like beer. I’m too old for sticky floors. An updated sound system and some industrial-strength Clorox would go a long way.

***** (Five Stars)
“Big Shot Tuesdays” still the best deal around. Pace yourself though, more than a couple of those things will leave you SO knocked out like wake-up-in-the-morning-with-your-head-on-freaking-fire-eyes-too-bloody-to-see knocked out. Consider yourself warned.

Davy Navy 4Life
***(Three Stars)
Hate to say it but the service here is slipping. Lately it feels like the bartenders are barely going through the motions. 

Old Man Sittin’
***(Three Stars)
Agree with Davy Navy 4Life. Had to wait for my T&G last night for the longest time. I guess I’ll keep coming back and romancing my mixed drinks all the same. Don’t ask me why. Really, don’t.

Mr. Cacciatore from Sullivan Street
***** (Four Stars)
Ok, so I never leave reviews but had to hop on to say whoever names their cocktails totally deserves a raise. Maybe it’s the booze talking but a drink for two called “loneliness” cracks me up.

Brenda and Eddie
*** (Three Stars)
Great weekend music scene but it doesn’t really get started until 10 or so. Highly recommend grabbing dinner before the show at the little Italian restaurant down the street. Surprisingly good house wine. Take an Uber and order a bottle of red AND a bottle of white.

Christie Lee
***** (Five Stars)
Used to shuffle in every Saturday night with the old crew like clockwork but rarely get back since I moved uptown.

** (Two Stars)
A decent enough scene but the last few times my server talked my ear off. I come here to escape – not to be bombarded with her views on school board term limits and voting referendums. 

The Entertainer
* (One Star)
Good vibe. Even better live music however the regular crowd is insufferable. It’s like they think every song was written for them. And, to make matters worse, they screech this la, la-la, di-di-da, la-la di-di-da da-dum thing every other song. Super annoying. 

Businessman Slowly Getting Stoned
***** (Five Stars)
If it’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday and you’re in the mood for a melody then this will be your new favorite place. 

Anonymous; Oyster Bay, Long Island
* (One star) For the bar
***** (Five stars) For the music
Dive bar at best but the guy who plays the keys on the weekends is something else. Not sure how they talked him into taking this gig. Mark my words, one day he’s gonna play The Garden.

Manager’s Response: 



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