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Feng shui is a really ancient Chinese practice (so you know it’s good) that allows us to harness the chi or wind magic that surrounds us at all times. Namaste! My name’s Ganesha. I’m a master teacher of the art of Feng shui. And I’ve created this FREE, fun, and easy guide to help you to be a totally awesome goddess.

It’s actually kind of crazy how quickly you will see results in your money, love, health, and work life just by tweaking out your furniture arrangement and by adding some cute Feng shui elements like a pair of cast iron balls or a jade roller.

* To determine your lucky number add the year you were born, plus your birthday, to one single digit (12 + 16 + 1980 = 2008, 2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1) Next find the rotational axis of the planet Earth at the time of your birth (CLICK HERE!) and divide that number by your birth number (24.43671°/1 = 24.4 = 25, 2 + 5 = 7). Lastly, find your Chinese zodiac sign number (1980 is the Year of the Monkey, the Monkey is the 9th sign, you feel?) and multiply that number with your new birth number (9 x 7 = 63, 6 + 3 = 9). This is your lucky number!!! Yes!

One of the most overlooked aspects of feng shui is called the Flying Star. We use the Flying Star to determine the layout of your space, a kind of tic-tac-toe grid. It’s best to have a friend help you determine your Flying Star, or you can try to record yourself, but the camera needs to be affixed to the ceiling.

In your bedroom, fall backward onto your bed. If the majority of your hair falls to the right, that’s where you need to put your most powerful Feng shui items in your room. This is the same for the left, and if your hair falls directly above, then the center is where your pieces will achieve peak results. If you have short hair, it’s recommended you wear an extra-long wig. The exciting part is if the wig flies off while you are falling backward, this indicates that your feng shui should be scattered around the room.

Once you’ve determined where your x’s and o’s go (remember the grid) for each room (yes, you must fall back onto your futon bed for each room unless you have a studio apartment or live in your parent’s attic in which case falling once should suffice), you can begin to have so much fun decorating. Let’s take a look at some of feng shui’s known and not-so-well-known lucky charms.

Plants equal money. Bling, bling, yo! “Is there such a thing as too many plants?” you ask, and I say, “Have you ever seen a diamond ring too big for your hand?” It is important though that you do not use any old plant. Feng shui likes plants with broad flat leaves to be the best representation for wealth and prosperity. No cacti, please! Remember do not over or under water.

Fish are also a great way to tell the chi that you want more padding in your 401(k). To do this it’s imperative to have the identical amount of fish in your tank as the last single or double digits of your bank account. I recommend using an account that doesn’t fluctuate much, or you’ll have to adjust your fish accordingly. Do not overfeed.

To determine which sex position is best for conceiving according to your Sun Sign, CLICK HERE!

Crystals embody earth energy, and sometimes we want to stimulate the rich, loamy, fecund soil that is beneath our feet by displaying her hidden treasures. Feng shui is all about balance, and often you live in a space that is out-of-whack! Earth objects help chillax out-of-whack energy that is preventing true love and happiness from entering your life.

If your house sits in the east or west (grab those compasses, girls!), put your crystals in a nice bowl, maybe from Pottery Barn or Anthropologie, on the inside left of your front door. If your apartment sits in the north or south, then the right side is where you want your earth energy to emit from. And remember do not put any Feng shui items too close to your main door because this lets the chi know that these items are free for the taking. You see, Feng shui is both practical and purposeful!

The Eye of Sauron is essentially a Tiger’s Eye gemstone that protects your home from all evil and danger. For example, your neighbor’s unwanted inquiries about your garden or your mother in law’s attempts to thwart your marriage to her only son. Keep the Eye of Sauron in direct line of sight of your front door.

Fairies breath are not to be confused with baby’s breath as baby’s breath are normally used in those horrible red roses arrangements or with dried flowers which is a big no-no in feng shui. Fairies breath can be found deep in virgin forests where rainbow kisses and agreeable gnomes dot the land. And for a limited time can be found only HERE!

My special gift for you:

Squirrel dung placed in a crushed velvet bag to be worn around your neck is like a reverse mood ring. It allows the wearer to “know the mood” of the person you are interacting with through smell. This powerful magic can let us know whether a moment is lucky or unlucky depending on the bouquet (musky, dusky, dank) emitting from the bag. For instructions on how to interpret all the smells CLICK HERE!

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