Titles to Consider When Writing Your Kid’s College Essay This Week

Photo by Myicahel Tamburini on Pexels.com

Living The Healthcare Crisis: My Lack Of ADD Meant I Wasn’t Prescribed Adderall So I Had to Scrounge From My High School Friends Before Every Test

How I Turned My Life Around After Getting Caught Selling Fake IDs, And How It Really Sank In The Second Time

As An Independent, Self-Sufficient Teen, I Am Comfortable Asking My Parents To Do Anything For Me

My Business Mind: Evolving my 11th Grade Delivery App to Legal Goods

Giving Back:  I Braved a Hangover to Help Build a Greenhouse For A Full Forty-Five Minutes Out of My Two Week Teen Tour in Venezuela

Looking In My Bedroom Mirror, I Don’t Just See A Privileged Teen; I Also See My Car Keys, My Extensive Sneaker Collection And My $500 Bong

Overcoming Injustice: I Was Forced To Run Four Years Of No Cut Cross Country For My College Resume And I Didn’t Get A Varsity Letter

Facing Disadvantage: My Parents Couldn’t Pay a Tutor to Write My College Essay so They Had to Do it Themselves

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