It’s Too Bad The Pandemic—And The Pandemic Alone—Is Preventing Our Second Date

Hey, I just wanted to check on how you’ve been holding up with this whole coronavirus thing. I assume it’s been so hectic that you haven’t been able to respond to any of my recent texts—since before the stay-at-home order was announced, actually. You must have gotten an early start on social distancing, good for you! It’s a shame that the pandemic is now single-handedly keeping us from getting together again.

Thankfully, we have memories of our first date to look back on fondly. I felt like we were having the most amazing night until you suddenly had to leave to do laundry half an hour into our drink. We shared that romantic one-armed hug as you got on the subway and you nodded when I said we should definitely go out again. But the first few times I texted you trying to set it up, you had family visiting for your birthday, a business trip after that, and then your family was back in town for Presidents’ Day—what bad timing!

I’m impressed that you’ve been able to go so long without checking your phone and seeing my messages. It’s awesome that you’re staying away from screens during quarantine. It must help that you’re apparently no longer on Hinge—you’re not listed as a match anymore. It really means a lot that you’d do this before our second date—I’ll delete my dating apps in kind.

I unfortunately haven’t been able to disconnect from my phone as much due to my upcoming fantasy football draft—September is just around the corner! Though I’m sure you already knew that from when I told you all about how I’d be buried in mock drafts—you remember, you kept drumming your fingers and sighing? Adorable. It was right before you checked the time and suddenly remembered you had to do laundry. God, that was such a special evening. 

This whole situation is so frustrating—everything is up in the air; who knows when this will be over and we can go on our second date? In the meantime, catch me up on what I’ve missed in the past couple months! How is self-quarantine? Are you getting along with your roommates? Is your job safe? Can you work from home easily? How have you been keeping busy? Wait, don’t answer any of these questions—we should save some conversation topics for when we can finally reunite in-person after a few more months of quarantine.

Still, it would be nice to see each other’s faces while we’re stuck waiting to go out again. Sadly, FaceTime didn’t work when I tried calling you. Maybe I’ll find you on Facebook—what’s your last name? We could set up a video call on there sometime. You could finally get a better look at me after avoiding eye contact for most of our date. And at the very least, I could get a feel for your ‘likes’ and interests since you don’t seem like much of a talker.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see you again. It probably sounds silly, but I’ll just never forgive myself if we let COVID stop us from seeing where this goes. This is Bryan, by the way.

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