Gather around, all ye folks, for ’tis  
the tale of a cooking session  
which failed drearily, where a young  
but enthusiastic and eager-to- 
please-everyone maiden decided  
to try her luck in making plain custard. 
‘Cause even though she did not like 
sweet things much, who could resist 
that sugary delight, not even her! 
So, she shooed everyone out,  
especially her own dear mum,  
who could have helped in her first run… 
Now handling sugar and milk and such, 
she scratched her head a while, 
but got them set somehow, 
(thanks, heaven, for that, she did!) 
the milk then boiled and frothed, 
the sugar was mixed and stirred. 
And then came the last step… 
to finally add the custard powder 
that she had bought one day back…! 
In anticipation, with sweat  
beading down her forehead, she frowned  
and stirred, slowly but not enough, alas… 
when poured out, the lumps of her poor  
custard now trembled and jiggled 
helplessly in the bowl… that was when  
her sister came into the kitchen, 
and exclaimed – “why, custard should be  
more or less sipped, then swallowed – not chewed…!” 

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