OPI’s Winter 2021 Nail Color Collection Is Pandemic-Inspired

As travel restrictions quashed explorations of African savannas, jaunts through Middle Eastern markets, and other wellsprings of creativity, OPI turned to the Covid-19 pandemic as inspiration for its newest line of nail color. 

Hanging On By a Red
Are you red-y to spend at least four more months at home? From cheerful cherries like Little Miss Super Spreader, to sensual scarlets like Fauci Fever, and moody mahoganies like Mommy’s Merlot, OPI has you covered with every shade of the most difficult color to apply to your own nails. 

Lonely Winter Wonderland 
After spending the last nine months in your apartment, what could be more enticing than being snowed-in? Match your nails to the suffocating blizzard outside with tawny hues like Sourdough No More, soft nudes like Barefoot and Braless, or matte whites like Too Old To TikTok. 

Blued to the Television
Got the blues? Binge-watch Bridgerton while glamming up your nails, with polishes that reflect every shade of your growing depression. Choose from colors like cerulean Is Antibody Home?, sapphire Quarantine Blues, or cobalt Netflix My Broken Spirit. 

Another One of Rose Days 
Ready for socially-distanced romance? Go pretty in pink for virtual dates, with shades ranging from poppy carnations like Zsa Zsa Zoom, dainty blushes like Lockdown His Heart, and feverish fuchsias like Follow the Herd Immunity.

50 Sexless Shades of Gray
Let your nails mirror your dreary spirit with our collection of grays! Select a muted pewter like Flattened Curves Ahead or opt for something sparklier, like silvery Curbside Pick-Me-Up. If you’re feeling particularly empty inside, inky-hued Little Black Mask is the ideal shade to mirror your gloomy state of mind. 

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