Gnome From Gnome

by Kate MacDonald

The gnomes were having a meeting,
to a man they were up in arms,
too many of them had gone missing,
from houses, cities and farms.

Things like “A gnome is where the heart is”
and “There’s no place like gnome” were said.
There were mutterings from unhappy figures,
wearing pointy hats on their heads.

“At the UK meeting three years ago,
there were two million gnomes in all.
I put an add in the Times today,
Let’s see how many will call.”

This was said by the oldest gnome,
who’s paint was faded and peeling,
The phone rang, and at the end of the call
the other gnomes saw he was reeling.

“That was a call from “Gnomes in the Sun”
a splinter group based in L.A.
They’ve isolated to avoid the pandemic,
and that’s where they’re planning to stay.”

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