How to Book Your Next Gig, from Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding



Hi, there, I’m Henry Golding. If you recognize me, it’s probably because you’ve seen me in this summer’s smash hit Crazy Rich Asians, or maybe you saw me on the street one day 15 years ago and you haven’t been able to get the image of my God-given perfect face and body out of your head ever since. Who’s to say?

Given my newfound success, I thought it was only right if I shared some tips with all of you aspiring actors and actresses on how to make it in “the biz.”

 Be nice to everyone you meet

You never know who might be in a position to someday recommend you to someone in the industry. If you’re like me, you leave an indelible mark on every single person you encounter, but an extra smile or handshake can go a long way.

Be very, very, very good-looking

Something that’s worked out well for me so far is being incredibly attractive. People approach me and say, “You look how I imagine Hercules would, if he existed in the modern realm,” or “You look like a Disney prince who’s maybe a koala in the beginning of the movie, but then when he’s turned into a prince he looks just like you” and sometimes just, “Oh my god.” I can’t deny that this has been enormously helpful in my acting career, and I would recommend it.

Lead a meaningful life outside of a professional acting career

The road to success is a long one. It’s important that you have something or someone to come home to, who will be by your side once Hollywood comes knocking down your door. And, oh boy, did it knock hard, even after I kept slamming it closed. Director John Chu sent me three or four emails asking me to audition for Crazy Rich Asians, and I kept saying“No, I’m not an actor. Find some other male equivalent of Helen of Troy.”

But things have a way of working out, and if you keep the faith — and you have a jawline that can cut glass and your eyes sparkle like diamonds — Hollywood will literally show up at your doorstep.

Keep things loose

When you do find yourself in the audition room, or partaking in a chemistry read with your fellow lead, it’s important to keep things casual and chill. This is but one opportunity, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Make some jokes, even, if it’ll lighten the mood. One thing I find useful is being undeniably charismatic.

Be very, very, very good-looking but also super chill about it

Hey, nobody likes a jerk.

Know your type

When you get to Hollywood, casting directors, agents, and executives will be eager to put you in a box and define you. Knowing what your “type” is will help you get ahead of this curve. Think for a moment about what yours might be. For me, it’s “Man Who Believably Could Have Wars Forged In His Name.” But don’t be afraid to branch out! I actually just got a call about playing the lead in a TV show called The Hot Doctor.

Be very, very, very good-looking, and also have a nice body

It really helps drive the good-looking thing home.

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