Kevin Wrote His College Essay About What Football Means To Him, And He Says It Was So Good His Parents Cried!

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Holy shit. I just learned Kevin M. (the one who always goes back for seconds at the cafeteria) wrote his college essay about “what football means to him” and he says it was so good his parents cried! I haven’t read it, but from what Kevin was telling me, it seems like he really put pen to paper and cranked out a one-of-a-kind piece of prose. Wow, it’s so cool that Kevin was able to open up like this! Colleges aren’t going to know what hit em’.

This is exactly the kind of thing admissions teams are looking for and Kevin totally nailed it. I can only imagine how tactfully Kevin must have woven together all his memories of being out on the field with his team, or as he calls them, his family. Plus, Kevin told me he’s gonna be in the NFL, and that he actually would’ve been drafted already if Tyler had “just made that catch.” I guess being able to overcome adversity like that is what makes Kevin a true champion.

Sure, the Tigers didn’t have a winning season this year, but you could always tell they were playing football. Especially Kevin. I remember on senior night when Kevin tackled the other team’s coach and ran him into the water cooler before shouting “This is my house!” a dozen times. The referees called the game because the injured coach needed to be airlifted to the hospital so the Tigers won. The other team definitely went home with heads hung low that night! Kev’ got suspended, but you can’t deny he’s got heart. I wonder if Kevin remembers that too.

Anyway, I really gotta hand it to Kevin for buckling down and writing something so brave and honest that his own parents were brought to tears. I’ve never known Kevin’s parents to cry before, much less read, so that says something.

It’s not every year that someone from our school makes it to the Ivy league, but if I had to make a guess for this season, I’d say Kevin is the front runner. Kevin told me he applied to all of the Ivy’s so, statistically speaking, he’ll probably get into at least one of them if not all.

It’s guys like Kevin that the top schools are so hungry for. No way that some honor roll kid could even begin to understand Kevin’s love of the game?

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